Maghull Wind Orchestra

Hey Jude

Have you missed performing music with others?
If so, you can join in with our next virtual performance of 'Hey Jude'

If you play a woodwind or brass instrument and would like to take part, all the details are on this page, along with:

- hints and tips for recording

- links to PDF files of the music

- the guide track

The deadline for submitting videos will be 16th May 2021.

Hints and Tips

To help you with your performance, and with editing, below is some advice:

- record your performance while listening to the guide track in headphones

- if possible, please record the video in landscape mode

- please wait about 5 seconds after starting the recording before starting to play, and also wait 5 seconds at the end before stopping the recording

- by submitting a video you give your consent for it to be included within the 'Hey Jude' edit, future publicity, and other videos that may be produced by MWO


We have also created a video where we discuss and provide tips on recording a virtual performance, which is available on YouTube:


If you have any questions regarding the music, or recording, please email

Sending Videos

The best way to send us the completed video file would be to use an online file transfer site (e.g., GoogleDrive or

Please send your video file to


The deadline for submitting videos will be 16th May 2021.


We will have a list of performers at the end of the video; so when you send your video, please can you confirm how you would like your name to appear.