Maghull Wind Orchestra

Message From The MD

Phil Shotton began playing the Clarinet at the age of 6, and joined the clarinet section of MWO aged 8, going on to also play saxophone and flute. Phil took over the role of Musical Director and Principle Conductor of MWO in 2004 whilst studying music at University.

  • Maghull Wind Orchestra plays a very large part in my life, and is incredibly important to me. Community music making is very close to my heart, to have a high quality musical outlet for players of all ages and abilities where everyone involved can make a contribution to the overall performance is a very special thing.

    Often we have people who join us having played an instrument throughout school, then after studying at university they find they may not have anywhere to play anymore - they come to MWO.

    We have a number of retired members who may not have played for years, their instrument has been packed away and stored under the bed or in a cupboard. When would they get the chance to play again - they come to MWO.

    We have both young and adult learners, some complete beginners. Where can they get the ensemble experience that is so essential for any musician - they come to MWO. We have very experienced musicians, music teachers, retired professional musicians and educators - all have an outlet for their music at MWO.

    Impressively MWO breaks down any age, ability, social or financial barriers and we all come together to make music. To make high quality, fully engaging, enjoyable for all music! MWO is the friendliest group, so encouraging of each other. I stand at the front and watch highly qualified extremely experienced musicians helping other less experienced members in a friendly way, encouraging them, sharing tips and helping to facilitate learning on a weekly basis. New members are made to feel so welcome by everyone, and the whole ensemble has such a happy feel at all times.

    Under my directorship and with the help of all the committee I have seen the membership rise to over 100 regular players, and this continues to increase. We regularly run educational workshops for our own members and also for schools. Our concerts are high profile and prove to be very popular and at all times at all events MWO acts with great passion and enthusiasm both for the music and the organisation itself.

    I am very proud to Conduct MWO, and have a real sense of joy knowing what we have achieved and where we are going! MWO is community music making at its very best, bringing people together through their passion and love of music. To stand at the front of the wind orchestra is a great privilege and I take great satisfaction in what we do, Music has huge therapeutic values, and performing together in a safe environment is tremendous. MWO is a fantastic opportunity for any musician whatever standard and at whatever stage they are in their musical career.

    I owe a lot to MWO, it's where it all started for me, I'm so pleased that I can give something back. Creating something quite incredible, very enjoyable, always musically rewarding and never dull! Thanks to all the members of MWO that make my Tuesday evening rehearsals so much fun and also, thanks to the committee for all their support.